Good Type / Bad Type Calendar

The first assignment in my graduate typography called for a 2016 calendar created with only typographic elements. Good Type/ Bad Type is a 12 month desk calendar that is set in 24 typefaces. Each month is laid out in two contrasting typefaces and separate stylized covers allow the user to dictate the weaker of the […]

Influence – Hand lettering by Lauren Hom for the ADC Global Network
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Anticipating the Next Wave

When the topic of influence is brought up pertaining to design, I automatically think of the years in which my mind was most receptive to new visual matter. Ray Gun magazine spreads by David Carson, Neville Brody’s energetic typographic treatments on Nike print ads and Barbara Kruger’s politically charged graphics on Rage Against the Machine’s […]


Not my type

After conducting several searches on Instagram for typography, I am convinced that a large portion of users that hashtag typography, are really misinformed about the true nature of typography. My argument begins with the definition of typography according to Typography noun 1. the art or process of printing with type 2. the work of […]

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Concept Lost

I often visit antique shops on Saturdays when life isn’t moving at a hundred miles per hour. Roughly 2 years ago I stumbled upon a 12” album cover that demanded my attention as I flipped through a crate of old records. My reason for pulling that record out of the crate wasn’t based on the […]


The message is the medium

I can trace the source of my artistic interest to our first family vacation to California. A wide-eyed 12-year-old kid that experienced graffiti from the backseat of a rental car for the first time was instantly lured in. This visual language of color, repetition, shape, line and space on the marred Los Angeles streets spoke […]

Responsive Web Design

Here’s the final design for my project in the Web Design course I took this summer. I was scared to take a responsive web design course in the summer because those courses last 4-5 weeks. A class that requires you to build a responsive site in a matter of weeks can be intimidating AF. My […]


The Golden Rule

Those who know really know me will tell you what an art history nerd I am. In high school I was a truant student that would often frequent the library in order to get my hands on art books. Initially I was drawn in to the paintings created by the Renaissance masters and would try […]


Creating new work

I recently quit my job in order to prepare for the move to Austin in June. This week marks the first time in a long while that I’ve had time to let my creative juices flow. New compositions are on the way and here’s a small preview. I need a large format Epson printer.


Graduate Assistantship

I’m really excited to share that I was notified this morning of my acceptance into the Graduate Assistantship at Texas State University. I really look forward to this opportunity to help the staff out while gaining an understanding of the profession I’m entering after I acquire my Master of Fine Arts Degree.

Printed Treasure

I was recently making the rounds at my local Half Price Books shop when I saw the spine of this rather large book sticking out of the coffee table book shelf. Excitement isn’t the word to perfectly describe my feelings when I actually saw what I was holding. In my hands was an original 1981 […]

Weekend Project

I found these old mid century chairs at my dad’s upholstery shop a month ago collecting dust and looking very neglected. I decided to restore them before my move to Austin. Here’s the project in it’s entirety.