First class as a graduate student

I’m taking a special courses class for the rest of the month that’s based on web design. Really excited to get a better understanding of responsive web design as it applies to a lot of interactive design these days. Here’s two photos of yesterday’s first in-class meeting and my research/homework thus far.


The Golden Rule

Those who know really know me will tell you what an art history nerd I am. In high school I was a truant student that would often frequent the library in order to get my hands on art books. Initially I was drawn in to the paintings created by the Renaissance masters and would try […]


Creating new work

I recently quit my job in order to prepare for the move to Austin in June. This week marks the first time in a long while that I’ve had time to let my creative juices flow. New compositions are on the way and here’s a small preview. I need a large format Epson printer.


Graduate Assistantship

I’m really excited to share that I was notified this morning of my acceptance into the Graduate Assistantship at Texas State University. I really look forward to this opportunity to help the staff out while gaining an understanding of the profession I’m entering after I acquire my Master of Fine Arts Degree.

Printed Treasure

I was recently making the rounds at my local Half Price Books shop when I saw the spine of this rather large book sticking out of the coffee table book shelf. Excitement isn’t the word to perfectly describe my feelings when I actually saw what I was holding. In my hands was an original 1981 […]

Weekend Project

I found these old mid century chairs at my dad’s upholstery shop a month ago collecting dust and looking very neglected. I decided to restore them before my move to Austin. Here’s the project in it’s entirety.


Racks on Racks

I was in need of a magazine rack that wouldn’t just sit in the corner taking up valuable floor space. There was quite a bit of wire and wood left from my BFA show last year. The initial sketches were far more complicated but I simplified my design objectives to using two materials, pine and […]


It’s been a minute

So…quite a bit has been going on in my life since the last time I updated my blog on October 21st 2014. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA in December, Re-designed the website, was suddenly replaced at my old contract job, matriculated into a graduate design program, landed a new gig, started […]